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Student Gigs

Looking for an internship or a way to build your resume? 

Contact me and I'll match you up with some great opportunities!

Backstage Crew Okra Strut 2019
Okra Strut 2018 with Custom Audio and Lighting!
Twinning SM and TD interns
8 Day- Noises Off Challenge
Ted X Youth Production Team 2018
Light Board Operators
Leadership/Mentor Roles
Production Crew Ted X Youth


Stage Management

I began stage managing five years ago because of Lauren Sherr’s dedication and passion. She pushed me to explore all aspects of technical theatre when she met me during my sophomore year of high school and saw a natural talent for stage management in me, to which she decided to invest and develop. Lauren taught me how to be adaptive to any and all kinds of theatre and performances, which has been the single most important thing I’ve carried with me to the College of Charleston. I have managed five mainstage productions in my three years at The College of Charleston and am set to manage two more before I graduate in May 2021. It is because of the foundation she gave me that I have had a monumental amount of success this early in my career and that I have a strong amount of love a passion for this craft and theatre as a whole. 

Accomplishments include: 

-Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival Stage Management Fellowship Recipient (2019)

-Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival Stage Management Fellowship Finalist (2020)

-Scenic Designer (Last Night and the Night Before, College of Charleston 2020) 

-College of Charleston Student Stage Manager and Scholarship Recipient (2017-2021)

-Director of Operations for Sottile Theatre Charleston, SC (2023-present)



Sound and Lighting

I'm the Technical Director for the Woodstock Playhouse and the New York Conservatory for the Arts in Woodstock, NY. My job includes managing rentals, building and designing sets for our summerstock season, and creating sound stages, managing mixes, and editing cast recordings in our sound booth. My previous work includes shows like Newsies, Mamma Mia, and Hair with classics like Anything Goes and Cabaret in the works. 

Lauren showcased how important it is for everyone to understand everyone. There wasn't a tech field that was foreign to her. Teaching students the basics of how to build a 4x8 flat, to the complex detail of programming a show's light cues. She showed patience and compassion for everything in the theater, and she made me appreciate every techie even more. 

Call me


My name is Lauren, but 99% of those I work with call me "Sherr", which is (to me) a term of endearment because I (and all of her other students) called my personal mentor by her last name, "Suber".  Working for a public Fine Arts Magnet high school made me realize how few resources were readily available for young artists.  Managing a 17-million dollar Center for the Arts on my own forced me to rely on others to help with production.  Little did I know, training students would become my new passion!  As safety director for the space, I gave a certification test for the Technical Theatre class and saw budding talent more and more each year!  I began mentoring students within 6 months of managing my space and I will be the first to say that I would not be where I am now without my amazing students!  (The least I can do is prepare them for the real world, right?!) 


I've had the opportunity to work with students from all walks of life. Young high school students like Victoria, who wasn't necessarily aware that sustainable careers existed in the Arts, and individuals like David, who began seeking out internship opportunities after graduating high school.  No matter where you are in your early career, I have now made it my life mission to help and empower as many young artists as possible (no matter their desired field). Other interns of mine have been accepted into special BFA programs at their selected colleges, been paid by companies as designers before graduating high school, are now working on country music tours, and are the house sound engineer for the Township Auditorium (to name a few)!

Even if you're not looking for a career in the Arts, I have successfully helped many students/young people with developing resumes and portfolios that have taken their prospects to the next level!  All of that being said, PLEASE contact me if I can help you with your career in ANY way! Even if you'd just like feedback on your resume, contact me :) My interns are mine for LIFE and the more I can get young people prepared for what's out there, the further we'll get from negative stigma around Arts careers!

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