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Lauren Sherr


Sherr Productions, LLC

My name is Lauren Sherr.  I have been involved in the Performing Arts for as long as I can remember.  I recently spent five years developing a center for the Arts as a Facilities Manager, Marketing Director, Technical Director, Artistic Director, and Designer.  Throughout my life, I've continued to fall in love with the Arts more and more every day.  As I fell in love each day with the things I was learning, I  couldn't decide on what I wanted to do... but I knew it had to be within the magical realm of production.  After years of trying to find my niche, I thought to myself, 'why choose?'

So here I am!  I've met so many brilliant artists and students over the years that I couldn't stand the idea of being limited to just one space for the rest of my career (no matter how much I LOVED the space I was in).  I want to create beautiful Art, events, moments, and/or spaces with as many people as I possibly can in my lifetime.  Whether you're a student, a company, a venue, a small business owner, a performer... whatever the case may be, I would love to work with you and offer whatever skills you need to feel confident about your project!  Everyone is talented, anyone can create Art, and all people deserve to experience something great once-in-a-while.  We could create something great, together.

Please check out my portfolio and feel free to view my resumes, or shoot me a message!  If you don't find what you're looking for on this site, feel free to contact me (you never know!) or check out my friends, who are all extremely talented and amazing to work with!  Either way, NEVER stop creating!!

My Resumes

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Looking for a singer and/or actress?  Click here to see my performance experience!


Carpentry, scenic art, stage management, and so much more!  I Iove it all!

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Implementing a new program?  Need to grow a community and/or brand?  From basic marketing supplies to leading events, I can help!

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